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David Cameron wants to shut down social networking services during times of civil unrest. They say no.

Copywrong – Cory gets in a tizzy

Cory Doctorow’s Daily Mail Copyright Clanger; at The Russian Photos Blog

Anti-copyright campaigner Cory Doctorow, who campaigns for a change in IP law to permit free use of digital media, has got himself a little wound up after the Daily Mail used his wife’s photos of Gap store mannequins without permission (I’m not surprised that the Mail is involved, they’re getting quite a reputation for content theft). He then, apparently, demanded a couple of thousand pounds in payment. So it’s just meant to be free when it’s everyone else’s work then I guess? I support his (wife’s) right to exert her copyright, however it would be nice if people like them would be more willing to afford others the same courtesy.

Meanwhile, the author of the linked article criticising Cory for this has also been pulled up for not giving the proper attribution for the image used in the article, as required by its licence, so it’s not so easy after all with both sides of this argument getting things wrong.

IFTTT (if this, then that)

I posted in June about how I’d left Tumblr in favour of Posterous and intended to start afresh here rather than importing my Tumblr posts and continuing. However, since making that intro post I’ve been a That was bit quiet, and even deleted my Posterous account as it didn’t offer the features that I wanted. Unfortunately nor did any other service, apart from Tumblr but they’re not an option for me. In light of that I recreated my Posterous account with the intention of working within it’s limitations.

Essentially the limitations I was facing related to the ongoing updating of my blog by third party services – this includes the ability to post photos directly from both Hipstamatic and Instagram (I can do this here with Instagram, but not Hipstamatic) and also the ability to have new links posted to Delicious be published on my blog, with my comments add to the notes section of each link acting as the main body of the post. Tumblr allowed me to easily, and automatically, utilise these other services as a means for generating my blog content, which I couldn’t do here on Posterous. Enter IFTTT which checks for events on services that I set, and then uses those events as a trigger to carry out an action on another service. In my case this means that when a new link is shared at Delicious, or I post a tagged photo on Flickr, or post a photo to Instagram, IFTTT will use these triggers to tell Posterous to create a post on my blog, using the content format that I specified on IFTTT. An intial example of this can be seen on my previous post which IFTTT published from my Delicious account.

I’ve also linked up my YouTube and accounts to create posts when new content are added to those too. And there are a plethora of other services that I could link up, including, Vimeo, Instapaper, and so on.

It looks to be a great service and worth a try if you think you can make use of it. It’s invite only at the moment, but you can sign up to receive an invite like I did. Alternatively if I know you then you can ask for one of the few invites I have spare.