Wind Farm

Wind Farm

Previously on Instagram / Taken with Hipstamatic, reprocessed with Instagram

I posted in June about how I’d left Tumblr in favour of Posterous and intended to start afresh here rather than importing my Tumblr posts and continuing. However, since making that intro post I’ve been a That was bit quiet, and even deleted my Posterous account as it didn’t offer the features that I wanted. Unfortunately nor did any other service, apart from Tumblr but they’re not an option for me. In light of that I recreated my Posterous account with the intention of working within it’s limitations.

Essentially the limitations I was facing related to the ongoing updating of my blog by third party services – this includes the ability to post photos directly from both Hipstamatic and Instagram (I can do this here with Instagram, but not Hipstamatic) and also the ability to have new links posted to Delicious be published on my blog, with my comments add to the notes section of each link acting as the main body of the post. Tumblr allowed me to easily, and automatically, utilise these other services as a means for generating my blog content, which I couldn’t do here on Posterous. Enter IFTTT which checks for events on services that I set, and then uses those events as a trigger to carry out an action on another service. In my case this means that when a new link is shared at Delicious, or I post a tagged photo on Flickr, or post a photo to Instagram, IFTTT will use these triggers to tell Posterous to create a post on my blog, using the content format that I specified on IFTTT. An intial example of this can be seen on my previous post which IFTTT published from my Delicious account.

I’ve also linked up my YouTube and accounts to create posts when new content are added to those too. And there are a plethora of other services that I could link up, including, Vimeo, Instapaper, and so on.

It looks to be a great service and worth a try if you think you can make use of it. It’s invite only at the moment, but you can sign up to receive an invite like I did. Alternatively if I know you then you can ask for one of the few invites I have spare.

If the police believe that the images on your camera contain evidence of a crime they can (and should) seize the entire camera, not just the memory card. In light of the ongoing riots taking place in London, and the prospect of citizen journalists photographing criminal acts, Haje Jan Kamps provides an explanation of why this is the case, and what you can/should do if it happens to you.

A Fresh Start

Until this evening I used the Tumblr service to post my random thoughts, links, photos, but deleted my account there following a photo of my 6 month old son being reposted on someone else’s blog without permission. That alone wouldn’t be enough for me to delete my account, but when I asked Tumblr support whether or not it was possible to opt-out of these kind of reblogs, either globally or on a post-by-post basis (ideal) so that users could control where their content appeared, and their response was to tell me to make my blog private. That to me defeats the purpose of having a blog and is a cop-out on their behalf, taking the easy option instead of giving creators control over their content on the service. So I voted with my feet and left, which brings me here to a new beginning. I know I could have imported my Tumblr content over, but I didn’t see the point. I’ll start again fresh, and possibly even take a different direction – though I doubt that, but we’ll see.

Update: December 03, 2012

Following the blocking of IFTTT from being able to post to Posterous, and the removal of Posterous as a share option on Instagram, I’ve moved this blog over to a self-hosted WordPress installation once again. As those two methods of posting are the primary ways that I keep this blog updated it’s no longer feasible to stay, sadly.

On this occasion I have imported the content over, as I wasn’t prepared to lose a couple of years worth of past post content yet again.

To all who follow this blog, thank you for your continuing support!