Uncle Giant

The Uncle Giant resting during Liverpool’s Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular
Taken at St George’s Hall



Taken at Circo

Apparently Norwich City Football Club think being able to see something on their web site constitutes a security breach and have called the police on the fan responsible.That’s got to be the most pathetic thing I’m going to hear about this week. Why not just get a grip and not waste police time on a fan doing what fans do? And maybe teach their developers how to do their job properly in the first place.


Another demonstration of why not to be an early adopter of new camera body releases. This one will be particularly painful for affected owners as unlike defects in previous/other Canon models this likely won’t be a ‘simple’ firmware update fix. Unless you’re a first time camera owner, or are otherwise without a current body, it’s always worth waiting for the post-release bugs to be discovered and fixed before upgrading or replacing your existing gear (and not just with Canon cameras).